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More Specs

2 channels each with high/ low input jacks -Channel 1  Volume and Tone -Channel 2  Volume, Tone, Vibrato Speed and Intensity & hi/lo inputs Speaker: 1 x 12 inches. The cabinet is made locally, using top quality ply, covered with black lavant. Silver trimmed with re-issue style "Bluesbreaker"speaker grill.

Tube line up:

    3 x ECC83s input preamplifier + 12AX7 trem oscillator +2 EL84s +1 EZ81 rectifier

Output: 18watts (option for 20 watts)

Footswitch for Tremolo on/off

Also channels 1 and 2 may be bridged to provide further tonal possibilities.

Dimensions: 61 CM by 23 Cm by 50 cm      Weight   43 pounds.

Loudspeaker: The USA built 12” WGS Reaper™ 55hz guitar speaker is an up to date very efficient replacement for the Celestion G12H30. Speakerfeather

The special cone used in this speaker has a lower resonant frequency of 55Hz  With this speaker, you will have a noticeably toned down top end & more blending between the notes plus a 30 watt rating. Output Jacks are provided for 4, 8 or 16 ohm speaker loads, to enable the use of an extension cab. (i.e 4 x 12 for example) provided the total load equals either 4, 8ohms or 16).

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